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ACI Payments, Inc. actively seeks partners to further our goals of making payments fast, easy and secure for our clients and their customers. We have vast experience interfacing with partners using web services and other methodologies to build fully integrated payment capabilities into a broad range of applications. Advantages of partnership with ACI Payments, Inc. include:

Expert Payment Services
ACI Payments, Inc. is the nation's leading provider of electronic payment services to government agencies. We currently serve more than 2,000 total clients including the IRS, 26 state governments, and prominent city and county governments through the country. We also excel in utilities, higher education, and related sectors. Our integration staff works with diverse payment applications in all 50 states on a daily basis. We have unparalleled experience working through legacy systems, banking processes, and procurement procedures. We meet and exceed the requirements of industry certifications such as PCI, Visa's CISP, MasterCard's SDP, and the IRS's IV&V audits. ACI Payments, Inc. offers its experience and expertise to companies bringing new technologies, new strategies, and more integrated services to the fields where we work.

Scalable, Turn-key Systems
ACI Payments, Inc. is a nimble company. Our payment platform is expandable to meet any new business developments. The platform that we have built to support our existing client base can be expanded to offer its proven stability to meet the needs of any new business developments. We have capabilities for rapid website development, form generation, data hosting, real-time interfacing, acceptance testing, and quality assurance which expedite an idea's growth from concept to reality.

Commitment to Innovation
From our beginnings processing local citation payments by phone in California, ACI Payments, Inc. established itself by embracing developing technologies and applying them to our core strengths of payment processing and government relationships. What technology will revolutionize our industry the way the internet did in the 90's? What new services are being enabled by governments' growing fluency in eCommerce and what payment capabilities will be required to support them? How do we make payments faster, easier, and more secure? ACI Payments, Inc. is committed to pioneering the answers to these questions and we recognize the value of partners with insight, vision, and similar goals.

Added Value Through Integration
The better a client's financial software, records management systems, vital records library, web developer, and financial partners can integrate and work together, the better that client's eCommerce services function. ACI Payments, Inc. provides a better payment service when integrated with a client's financial system. Conversely, the financial system is improved by integration with our payment service because we can post completed payments in real-time. As previously discrete applications become more interdependent, ACI Payments, Inc. is positioned to hold them together. We consolidate applications that generate payments, centralize reporting, and act as a packaged solution to provide for all our clients' eCommerce needs. We work with partners to continue this evolution and are confident that value can be added to all of our services through integration.

Sales Resources
ACI Payments, Inc. employs 15 sales professionals in regional offices throughout the country. These representatives draw on years of payment processing and government services experience to support, enrich, and expand our client relationships. As a business partner, our sales team serves as your gateway to state, county, and municipal government, utilities, higher education, and private opportunities across the country.


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